After learning the basics of Territory Conquest it is time to bring your game to the next level of strategy.

Disclaimer: If you do not understand the topics discussed in this guide, please read the basic guide

Or the introduction

Advanced Movement

To quickly expand and attack you need to change your q/e values.

ex. Rapid Movement

q - 1/2

e - all

is a useful combination for rapid attack yet requires quick speeds.

Specific numbers may also be used for different types of strategy

ex. Defence

q - 55

e - 222/444/111


Unions allow your empire to be controlled by another player at the same time, which can be useful and weakness if they do not want you to win, or you are competing for units.

Auto - Send (c)

Auto send creates a much easier way to move your troops to the front line, while sacrificing in-land security in the process. It is safest to auto send when in a map such as Cuba where you can expose yourself on the sides without much threat.

  • Great way to prevent idle troops
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Pillaging ("Land Trolling")

"Stop land trolling you noob!!!!"

Land trolling is using a division of your units to break through enemy lines, and capture lands or harass enemy supply / player

When thinking as a strategic player, when land trolling you are either

a. attempting to capture the enemy capital

b. harass enemy supply by capturing lands

c. flanking the enemy to relieve stress on a weakened front

-- usually cripples inexperienced enemies

Land troll

City Values

Cities give different amounts of troops, multiplied by a capital.

Gold = +4

Silver = +2

Normal = +1

Burning / Pillaged = 0

RobloxScreenShot20180115 020821541

Ideal Strategy

The Ideal strategy is to attack while defending your borders at the same time. This is done by supply, attack, and reserves.

Idle Troops


When in combat many players forget about reinforcing, and focus only on the front.

In theory, the player with the most active troops will win the war. To do this you must use all your idle troops while also micro managing the front lines and pillaging crews.